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Posted on September 2, 2016 at 1:18 PM
This weekend will be the last week of pre-season football. And it could not happen soon enough. There have been many serious injuries to key players for several teams. Perhaps the most notable are injuries to QB Teddy Bridgewater of the Minnesota Vikings and tight end Ben Watson of the Baltimore Ravens.

Many football fans, players and coaches believe it is time to change the pre-season or get rid of it altogether. Others, like New York Giants QB Eli Manning, say they need the pre-season. Some coaches say there is simply no way to evaluate players and decide who makes the team without a lengthy pre-season.

For now, though, it is time to focus on the upcoming regular season. Hope - not to mention blind optimism - reigns eternally for many fans. With parity in the NFL, anything is possible for all but the absolute worst teams. Injuries will continue to pile up, teams will get hot at the right time, superior coaching will come into play, officials' calls will decide momentum and games, and so on. The regular season is almost here, and true football fans will enjoy it regardless where their favorite teams finish at the end.

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